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New Jewellery Boxes

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new jewellery box product lines. Starting from only £1.48 ex VAT!

Parma . Turin . Moderna . Genoa

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Bespoke Jewellery Packaging

Seeking something tailored to your brand? Maybe you have rebranded and need packaging to match? We can help…


    Our Story

    We are part of the Parify Group, an award-winning supplier within the jewellery industry for over a decade.

    We are excited to extend our arm to further support the marketplace with Parify Packaging. We are the central source for your packaging collateral. We understand that retailers want to focus on what they know, which is selling product to the consumer, without time being spent on sourcing reputable suppliers and ensuring their premises has enough space to adequately store materials.

    Parify Packaging is proud to offer a service tailored completely around your brand, ensuring its representation is true and consistent across your entire suite. Your brand comes first, marketing second, your brand builds trust with your consumers and differentiates you from your competitors. We recognise the importance of delivering packaging suites that correctly communicate your brand message, especially to your customers, driving recognition, trust and loyalty.

    When it comes to storage, we’ve got it covered, we offer complimentary storage for your entire packaging collateral. In addition, we will deliver your items when you need them once we’ve agreed on dates that work for you, so the worry of supply shortages is a thing of the past! We are Parify, the future of jewellery packaging. Get in touch now and find out how we can help…

    We are Parify, the future of jewellery packaging…

    Packaging the jewellery industry with beautiful boxes, bows and more